Is it worth living in Łomianki?

Warso Nieruchomości 2024-02-09

This question often appears on the Facebook forum of Łomianki residents. Although the issue of commuting to Warsaw during rush hours arouses strong emotions and criticism, new investments are still very popular. Houses and apartments on the secondary market also quickly find buyers or tenants. What factors influence the popularity of Łomianki? Why do Warsaw residents leave the capital and decide to live in a smaller city?



Warso Nieruchomości 2023-05-23

Selling real estate is a very complex process. Many people initially try to do it on their own, but it quickly turns into a full-time job, after hours, and sometimes on weekends and holidays. The need to prepare a market offer and reach potential buyers with it, answering e-mails and phone calls, conducting presentations and, above all, the obligation to meet all formal and legal requirements ultimately convince sellers to use the support of a real estate office.



Warso Nieruchomości 2022-09-16

High-end properties are real pearls: mansions with a swimming pool, villas hidden in old trees, luxurious apartments with a breathtaking panorama, spacious apartments in revitalized tenement houses. This is all that every major advisor on the premium market would like to fill their offer.